​​​​​​Health Pro Mindset Speaking & Workshop Opportunities

​Healthcare facilities across the country are discovering that providing educational wellness activities to their employees is the best way to improve morale and satisfaction, while simultaneously improving the facilities bottom line.

​It’s important to take care of your company’s most valuable asset: your employees. When you provide wellness education to your employees, this is what you can expect:

Benefits to your Employees:

  • ​Improved overall health
  • ​Improved co-worker and team relationships
  • ​Reduced stress and anxiety
  • ​Fewer conflicts
  • ​Increased energy and vitality
  • ​Increased daily satisfaction

Benefits to your Company:

  • ​Decreased healthcare costs
  • ​Reduced absenteeism
  • ​Increased employee satisfaction
  • ​Enhanced workplace community
  • ​Improved recruitment and retention of high-achieving employees

Health Pro Mindset is here to support your employees and students in achieving and maintaining wellness through a variety of effective, results oriented Wellness Workshops.

​Developing a Health Pro Mindset

​Honoring Personal & Professional Integrity

​Building Professional Relationships

​The Importance of Teamwork

​Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Incivility & Supporting a Bully-Free Workplace

The Top Five Reasons Why Katie is the Perfect Fit


Custom Crafted

Katie takes the time to learn about your organization, audience, and key objectives.  Her presentation will be relevant and customized to your specific needs.


​Zero Drama

​Katie is professional, accommodating, and easy to work with at every step. She makes the whole process enjoyable.


Real Takeaway Value

​Your audience will leave with meaningful tools, frameworks, and techniques that can be immediately applied to real-world challenges.



​As a healthcare provider herself, Katie has real-world experience with battling burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma stress. Audiences will relate to Katie’s substance and depth.


Engaging & Approachable

​Katie’s talks are interactive, fast moving, and provide opportunities to interact 1:1. Your audience will be fully engaged and comfortable.

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